USSF Age Mandate Implementation Announcement

Posted by Verona United Soccer Club on Feb 17 2016 at 06:35PM PST

In August 2015, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) announced new mandates for youth soccer, one of which was a transition from school year (August – July) to birth/calendar year (January – December) based age groups. US Club Soccer (national affiliate and sanctioning body for VUSC’s member league) and Northern Counties Soccer Association have announced that they will be adopting the birth/calendar year mandate, effective August 2016, and all of its members will be required to comply.

The VUSC Board has been evaluating the impact of the birth/calendar year mandate on our club and discussing the best way to manage it. We have attended league meetings, benchmarked with similar size clubs and held a meeting with VUSC Team Managers, in an effort to make the most informed and best decision for all of the children in our club.

The VUSC Board has decided that for the 2016-17 season we will adopt and implement the USSF birth/calendar year mandate as follows:

U7 will consist of players born in 2010 and players in kindergarten born in 2011

Small Sided
U8 will be for players born in 2009
U9 will be for players born in 2008
U10 will be for players born in 2007
U11 will be for players born in 2006
U12 will be for players born in 2005

Large Sided
U13, U14 and U15 will consist of players born in 2004, 2003 and 2002 who will be pooled for evaluation and placement on either birth year or play-up teams. The teams will be formed with consideration given to the player’s age, ability (based upon aggregate season and tryout performance) and the number of players in each age group.

We recognize these changes will affect every current school-year based team in our club. We are working on developing transition plans, including evaluation procedures, tryout dates and format, and team formation protocols. We will share those details as they become available.

If you have any questions we encourage you to attend the next regularly scheduled VUSC Meeting, February 22 at 8pm at the Verona Community Center.

Best Regards,
VUSC Board

Reference Information:
U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives